How to travel in style

For our first blogpost we want to tell you our secrets to travel in style! Since our online boutique is all about traveling and feeling beautiful in yourself and in your clothes, we thought it would be the best Idea to share some experiences with you. 

Now our first tip is to travel in layers. There is nothing better than being able to put on the most comfortable hoodie, once you're in freezing cold air conditioned planes. Having layers of clothes gives you more control about your own well being. Because the worst thing is to get sick in planes, before you hit your beautiful dream destination. 

Now that we made this clear: to please always, always (!!!) bring a hoodie or a lovely cashmere sweater, the most beautiful colour to travel in are some black leggings or black strechy pants. Because on an hourlong flight we want to be as comfortable as possible, right?! Go for the black pants and you will be able to dress them up, however you like. What about a nice white blouse? Or just a plain white T-shirt? Combine them with some lovely jewellery before landing and you will look absolutely put together. 

Now one thing you want to take care about is your handbag, Of Course the good old backpack is probably the best fit for going somewhere you've never been but there are also many backpacks out there that look absolutely beautiful without making you look like the clueless tourist. Because you just upgraded to the "classy" clueless Tourist. What about a classy black "fake" leather backpack with some golden or silver details? This would also fit perfectly with the black pants.

Accessories can't miss! As I just said, they upgrade your outfit and make it seem like you put more effort in it than you actually did. And remember, less is more because who wants some five inches earrings stuck in their ear while sleeping? You can also easily take your jewellery off, but remember to put it in a safe place, or even bring a little box for them, just put them on when you arrive, Voila!

Wallets with little chains on them and enough space for your passport, phone and all of your cards are a lifesaver! They keep it all in one place for you so you don't have to wiggle everything out of your backpack every time you hit another security. Just use the chain to keep it handy. 

And last but not least is a cute jacket, this one is optional as you probably wont need one flying to Bora Bora, but i can guarantee that it will make you happy having one in New York. The jacket is also your choice, if you go for a chic put together outfit, why not try a black leather jacket. Or what about a denim oversized jacket. And if you actually travel somewhere very cold, what about a cute furry coat!

For the shoes I always prefer sneakers, but if you'd like to travel in boots or heels, just make sure you pack some light slip ons in your handbag!

We hope those tips will help you traveling in future and maybe you've come along with some own secrets as well. Feel free to write them down in the comments we'd love to hear!!! Also don't forget to tag us @JuniBabyBoutique on Instagram and Facebook to show us your beautiful  #AirportOutfits !

Safe travels Xxx

Juni Baby 




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